FAQ Demo Reels

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What is included in demo reel editing service?

Every demo reel will be cut in order to showcase you in the best way possible with the given footage.  Reels will be 1- 2.5 minutes in length.  Exact length will depend on given material and how it flows together best.  1- 2.5 minutes is the ideal length for an actor demo reel, however, if you are in need of a certain length reel for a specific use, that can be arranged.


Every reel will be dynamically edited in order to provide the best possible platform for your talent.  I never just chop scenes up and stick them back to back.  The reel you receive will have a natural flow of both the audio and video, and any footage that does not specifically make you look amazing, will be removed.  You will be the star of every scene!


Editing will not begin until all footage and payment is received.  If you need to add footage after editing has begun, there will be an additional charge of $40.


Reels are generally completed within a few days.  If you need your reel by a specific date, rush orders may be available at no extra charge, but are subject to availability and must be discussed upon initial service request.


Once a reel is completed you will be sent an unlisted link to review the reel and request any final adjustments.  I will make sure that you are happy with the product before finalizing!  You will then be sent an MP4 of your reel.  If you need help uploading your reel, I will do it for you at no additional charge on up to 2 sites.


How much does it cost?

Actor Demo Reels $280

Reel Update $80

Maximum of two additional clips

    (reel update only available for reels originally created by JAG42)

I will send you an electronic invoice that you will pay directly.  Payment must be made before reel editing begins.



I don't have all of the footage I want for my reel, what do I do?

If the footage is from a television show or commercial there is a good chance it is available as an aircheck.

An aircheck is a recording of a complete show in the highest quality available.  There are services that not only record every current show but also keep archives dating back several decades.  Below are some options for ordering airchecks.  These options are intended only as a reference point for you.  I am not affiliated with and do not endorse these companies.  I encourage you to do your own research before purchasing airchecks.


www.actorsaccess.com/forms/aircheck/  DVD copies beginning at $30

www.dailyactor.com/aircheck/ digital copies beginning at $23


Can I have a montage/ add outside music?

No, I do not do montages.  Casting directors are busy people, they want a reel to open up on you acting right away, or you risk them turning it off before they even get to the good parts.  They do not need to see what you look like on screen in a variety of outfits/ settings, they want to see that you have chops.  Yes, montages can look slick, but the purpose of this reel is not to show off my awesome editing skills, it is to show off your awesome acting skills!


Outside music is someone else's art that is distracting the viewer from your art- you definitely don't want something stealing the scene from you in your own reel.  Plus, you don't know what associations people have with certain songs.  You never want to miss an opportunity because you have subconsciously reminded someone of their ex!


Can you put in titles?

Absolutely!  And if your footage is from something well-known, I definitely recommend it.  I will put in "lower-third" titles identifying the film/show.


What editing program do you use?

Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading professional non-linear video editing program


How do I get my footage to you?

Put all of your material in a single Dropbox folder- files are uploaded directly to Dropbox and links are put into a document and the document is uploaded.  Then share the folder with me once everything that you would like me to see has been uploaded.

I do not accept files or links via email.  Any materials added after I begin work will incur a charge of $40 each.


If your work is on a DVD, I will rip it for a $20 additional fee.  You must send me the DVD and a self-addressed stamped return envelope, or drop it off and pick it up from my building in Long Island City.  I strongly encourage you to purchase tracking in both directions for anything that is sent in the mail.  I am not responsible for any materials lost or damaged in the mail.

DVD ripping is not guaranteed, as some films have high levels of security encryption; however, in the vast majority of cases there will not be a problem.


If your work is online, it may be possible to rip depending on the website and several other factors.  This will need to be discussed prior to hiring, but the best solution is always to purchase an aircheck.


How do I order?

Email info@JAG42.com, and we will have a conversation about your needs, wants, desires... um, just about your reel though!


What the heck does JAG42 mean?

My full name is Jessica Alexandra Green.

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.